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On this page, we look at some of the most asked questions about the funeral insurance. We will certainly do our best to cover as many topics as possible. If you are new to insurance coverage, there are many things you might want to know. In most cases, insurance policies are relatively easy to understand if you know the basics.

In short, it’s important to make sure you understand each policy you take. You must understand how it works and how to claim. We often hear about people who pay for a policy they have no idea what it does. With our service, we will explain everything to you when we do your free quote. There is a lot of information to consider. For that reason, it’s a lot easier if you speak to an agent to get clarity on funeral insurance.

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What is Funeral Insurance?

The Basic of Funeral Insurance

Firstly, sooner or later, everybody will pass away. This fact is the reality of life. Nobody lives forever. For this reason, preparing for this event is essential. When people pass away, there are costs involved. The family and friends often have to settle the bill. This mistake can be very costly. Funeral insurance will make money available at the time of death. This cash helps to arrange the funeral. The funds can be used to pay the expenses occurred. This advantage is what this policy does. It makes funds available to the family.

Custom Cover Amounts

Secondly, you decide how much cover you want and who you want to include. You can add your direct family. In most cases, you can also cover extended family. The premium payer decides the cover amount for each of the insured individuals. When any person on the policy dies, the provider pays out the money within 48 hours. Insurance is a very effective way to prepare for something that’s going to happen. Nobody wants to leave unpaid memorial bills behind. Your family will certainly be going through enough at the time.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, with funeral insurance, you get peace of mind. Nobody wants to leave their family in a bad position. Because you get money quickly, your family can pay for the burial. Furthermore, the most significant stress when you bury a person is usually money. Your AVBOB policy will make money available fast. Think about it; this means you will give you the reassurance that they will not have to worry about money. Read More

Who Must Get Funeral Insurance?

The Short Answer

Almost everybody must get cover. Burials are expensive; it’s important to know that your family can afford it. Regardless of your age or even financial situation, money in the event of death usually helps a lot. The good news is you can also cover your extended family members. With this policy, you can help your family members who might not be able to afford to get coverage of their own.

Death Happens

Keep in mind; death does not discriminate. It does not matter if you are young or old. Accidents claim lives every single day. It does not ask if you are healthy. This thought should be an eye-opener to any person who is alive. A healthy young person has the same risk as an ill old person. Nobody can escape death. Getting cover sooner rather than later is the responsible thing to do. The younger you are, the less it will cost to get cover. Do not wait until it is too late. You do not pay an arm and a leg for funeral insurance, in most cases, it will be entirely worth it. Read More

Are there Medical Examination?

No Medical Checkups

The good news is there are no medical checks required. This product does not even need you to answer medical questions. Therefore, AVBOB will give you the benefit of the doubt.  Keep in mind; there will be a six-month waiting period. This period is only for natural causes. Providers have a waiting period to prevent people from getting a policy at the last minute. Do not fear this waiting period; it’s an industry standard. Most good providers will undoubtedly have this kind of waiting period. Most funeral insurance policies will cover conditions like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, etc. However, it will only be relevant after the standard waiting period. Read More Here

Accidental Death Cover

All deaths due to an accident will have no waiting period. Accidents get cover from the first payment. This exclusion is also an industry standard seen on many policies. This benefit is one way the providers make up for the waiting period. Many providers will pay more if death is due to an accident. With AVBOB funeral insurance, you will receive double cover if a claim is because of an accident. Keep in mind, the idea of funeral cover is not to replace your accidental death cover. It’s merely an added benefit.

Can I Take Cover if I’m Sick?

Medical History Not Relevant

It’s important to know you can get cover if you are sick. Remember, there is a standard six-month waiting period for natural causes. Accidental death does not fall under this same rule. Accidental death cover is valid from the first premium. This exclusion is to prevent people from taking out a policy on their death bed. If death is due to an accident, the cover amount will double. If you have R10 000 cover and die because of an accident, you get R20 000.

There are no medicals required. You do not have to answer medical questions either. AVBOB will give you the benefit of the doubt. In return, they have a short six month waiting period. This modus operandi means that your medical history does not come up anywhere. Your acceptance does not rely on your health.

Who Gets the *Free AVBOB Benefits?

The Good News

The benefits are available to all the members on your policy. For example, the free basic funeral up to R11 000* is a benefit available to everybody on the plan. It’s the same for all the other *free benefits offered by them. To qualify for the free perks, you have to make use of them to arrange the funeral. Therefore, if you opt for the cash only, the *free benefits fall away. This extra money is why we always suggest you consider them for the funeral. Firstly, they know what they are doing. Secondly, you get all the free benefits. The last reason is it’s a lot less hassle if they do everything for you. Read More

Available Claim Options

When there is a claim, you have two options. The first option is to take the money. You can use other providers for the service. The second option is to let them arrange the burial. In this case, you qualify for all the benefits. They will deduct any additional expenses from the payout amount. AVBOB will pay out all money that remains after everything. So in short, there are two options. The first option is to let them do everything; the second is you get the money only. Both options have their advantages. Remember, you do not have to specify what option you need when you take out a policy. You can discuss options when you claim. It’s noteworthy that all policies work the same way up until you claim.

How do I Sign Up?

Quick, Easy & Hassle Free

In short, all you need to do is complete a contact form anywhere on our website. You will receive a call from one of our friendly consultants. The consultant will explain everything to you and do your free quote. Once you are 100% happy with your funeral insurance quote, we arrange your cover for you. It does not cost you anything extra to use our service. Our consultants know the product very well. They know exactly how to structure it to get the best out of it. Apply Now

No Obligation

It’s important to know that our quotes are free. As a result, if you are not happy with the quote, there is no obligation. Also keep in mind that our service does not cost you anything extra, even if you decide to sign up. We will do all the hard work so above all; you don’t have to. We arrange your cover from the comfort of your home or office. In short, this is what we do for a living. Give us the opportunity to show you why we are the best in the business.

How Do I Claim?

AVBOB Will Handle All Claims

It’s important to know, if you claim, you have to contact them directly. They will get in touch and explain everything to you. In most cases, claims settle within 48 hours. It’s important to have all the documents they need ready. This information will speed up the processes. If you have any issues with your claim, feel free to let us know. We will do our best to sort out everything for you. AVBOB certainly knows how to manage the claim process. They handle more claims every day than you can imagine. We are sure you will be in good hands.

Finally, if you have any problems with your claim, we will do our best to help. Even though this is not in our control, we can make fires under them if needed. We have a great relationship with AVBOB and will make sure they take good care of our customers. Read More Here

Can you make Changes to Existing Policies?

Types of Changes We Handle

Unfortunately, we handle mostly sales. We can, however,  make some changes to your plan. For example, if you want to add additional members or change cover amounts, we can assist. If you’re going to change banking details or address, please contact them directly. If you need help with any changes, feel free to let us know. Although we can’t make promises in this regard, we can do our best to try and help. Because we handle sales, it can take a lot longer for us to help you make changes.

Should I Discuss My Policy with Family?

The Importance of Playing Open Cards

Firstly, you need to discuss your funeral insurance policy with family. Furthermore, we understand death is a gloomy topic. Discussing your desires with your family is very important. You can tell your family exactly what you want at your funeral. This openness will make planning a burial a lot easier. If your family knows what you want, they can make arrangements for you at the time of a claim.

Secondly, always remember, death is a natural occurrence. It’s not a fun topic, but an essential one. Because a lot of people don’t talk about it, they don’t get what they want. Make it an easy conversation by not taking it too seriously. Speak about your wishes and discuss your policy. This way you know your family knows what you want.

Finally, to read more about this topic, feel free to read our blog post here.

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