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CASHBACK FUNERAL COVER - AVBOB plant growing on money

AVBOB Cashback Funeral Cover

Some people feel that paying for insurance monthly without ever claiming can be scary. It might feel like you are throwing money into the water. With AVBOB, you can get AVBOB cashback funeral cover. You will get some of your premiums back if you don’t claim. In this article, we will look at the term cashback and what it initials.

Firstly, many insurance companies reward client with cashback insurance premiums. This reward is a way to thank you for your loyalty. Imagine paying for the same policy for ten years and never even claiming once. This payout is one of the reasons AVBOB cashback funeral cover is so great. You will receive some of your premiums back in cash every five years.

Secondly, AVBOB cashback funeral cover comes with all the same benefits. You have the option to choose if you want cash back or not. If you decide to take this option, you will get back one year’s premiums every five years of not claiming. This bonus is paid back to you in cash. You can use this money for anything your heart desires. Get that new flat screen TV, or pay for your child’s education. Visit AVBOB

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AVBOB Cashback Funeral Cover Example

Let’s look at an example of how the cashback policy works. If you pay R100 a month for your policy the calculation will look like this:

Monthly Premium = R100
5 Years Premiums = R6000
Cashback = R1200

If you look at the calculation above, you will see that you effectively save a lot of money. If you deduct the cash back amount from your premium, you save R20 a month. Your premium would effectively be only R80 a month. This amount in total is a significant saving. Best of all, the payout to you is in a lump sum amount. Almost like a little savings plan that pays out every five years.

With rising daily costs, saving money on insurance can be great. With petrol and electricity prices skyrocketing, consumers need to save money where they can. AVBOB cashback funeral insurance is a great place to start.



Reasons to Choose Insurance That Offers Cashback if You Don’t Make a Claim

  1. Financial Reward:

Opting for insurance that provides cashback if you don’t make a claim allows you to receive a financial reward for your loyalty and responsible behavior.

  1. Incentive to Stay Insured:

Knowing that you can get money back if you don’t make a claim provides a strong incentive to maintain your insurance coverage, ensuring you’re protected when you need it most.

  1. Value for Your Premiums:

Cashback funeral cover ensures that you receive added value for the premiums you pay. It’s like getting a bonus or discount on your insurance costs.

  1. Increased Savings:

By receiving cashback, you can save money over time, especially if you continue to remain claim-free. It’s an effective way to build up savings while maintaining your insurance protection.

  1. Freedom to Choose:

The cashback amount is paid directly to you, allowing you the freedom to decide how to use the funds. Whether you want to save, invest, or treat yourself to something special, the choice is yours.

  1. Financial Flexibility:

Cashback provides a safety net, giving you additional financial flexibility during unexpected or challenging times. You can use the funds to cover other expenses or emergencies as needed.

  1. Motivation to Stay Claim-Free:

Knowing that you have the opportunity to receive cashback encourages responsible behavior and risk mitigation. It motivates you to take preventive measures and avoid situations that may lead to claims.

  1. Transparent and Fair:

Cashback funeral cover policies are transparent and fair, as they reward policyholders who have remained claim-free for a specific period. It’s a way for insurance companies to show appreciation for responsible clients.

  1. Added Peace of Mind:

Having the assurance that you will receive cashback if you don’t make a claim provides additional peace of mind. It alleviates concerns about paying for insurance without ever benefiting from it.

  1. Long-Term Savings Strategy:

Cashback funeral cover can be viewed as a long-term savings strategy. Over time, the accumulated cashback amounts can contribute to your financial goals, whether it’s for a major purchase or investment.

Remember, when considering insurance options, choosing a policy that offers cashback if you don’t make a claim can provide numerous advantages. It combines the vital protection of insurance coverage with financial rewards and peace of mind. It’s a win-win situation that allows you to benefit from responsible and loyal insurance behavior.



Final Last Words

AVBOB will pay back one year’s premiums every five years of uninterrupted is premiums. The premium payer will receive the money. The premium payer can use this pay out for anything. The Cashback insurance policy has the same benefits as the standard policy. Cashback is an optional benefit.

We strongly suggest that you opt for the cashback option when you take out your AVBOB funeral plan quote. You will get some of your hard earned money back without having to lift a finger. Although it might not seem like a lot of money, consider you would have received nothing, it’s excellent. This benefit will also help you feel that at least you get something back if you do not claim.

If you need any further information about AVBOB cashback funeral cover, let us know. If you complete our contact form, we will phone you right back. Our consultants are very friendly and understand this product from head to toe. InShoor™ was rewarded top AVBOB broker nationally in 2012 & 2017. We have a passion for the brand and believe that this is one of the best burial insurance plans available on the market.

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