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Reasons to Choose AVBOB

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You decide the cover amount for each person. You can amend each person until you are 100% satisfied. Cover starts from just R37 p/m.

With AVBOB, you get many free funeral services. You get a free benefits up to R10 000* over and above your payout. This includes use of hearse, tents, grave site, transportation of deceased & use of mortuary, etc.

With AVBOB, you get a 15% addition on the sum assured on the main life which, if needed, can be converted into a FREE six-month Retrenchment Benefit.

You get a FREE upfront cash payment of R2 000 for initial expenses* – This is to help with some of the initial cost like traveling & airtime. This is over and above your insured cash payout.

Your payout will automatically double in the event of accidental death. There are no waiting periods for accidental death. You will be covered from the first premium.

You can cover as many of your own children as you want. You only pay for the first child, the rest will be covered FREE!

Get a full years’ premiums back every 5 claim years you don’t claim.

Once all the claim documents are submit, payouts occur within 48 hours.

Acceptance guaranteed. No health questions or blood tests are required for funeral insurance.

When it’s time to log a claim, the beneficiary can choose cash only or cash with benefits. AVBOB can arrange the funeral on your behalf. This is very easy and effective. All remaining money will still go to the family. You chose the services you need.

AVBOB will transport the deceased anywhere in South African borders. This is included in the free policy benefits.

AVBOB offers a wide range of additional services including, catering at home or church, family cars, Inkomo, fresh flowers, etc.

With around 200 branches all over South Africa, you can rest assured there is a branch near you. You do not have to look very far to find your nearest AVBOB branch.


Welcome to FuneralCover ME

At Funeral Cover ME, we do our best to find you affordable funeral cover quotes absolutely free. We represent some of the top providers in South-Africa. FuneralCoverME is an initiative by InShoor™, a registered financial services provider FSP# 43216. InShoor™ was rewarded best AVBOB broker nationally from 2012 to 2017. Funeral insurance is our passion. We sign up 1000’s of satisfied new clients every year.

This page is dedicated to AVBOB Funeral Plans, for other providers we represent, please click here or visit the full FuneralCoverME site click here.

They are one of the most trusted funeral insurance providers in South Africa. They have been around for almost 100 years. You can rest assured that your family will be in good hands. There is a massive list of free and optional benefits. Policy holders get many free benefits if they use AVBOB to arrange the funeral for them. This includes up to R10 000* discount on the funeral. This means there can be extra funds available for the family.

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AVBOB Funeral Cover Introduction

They one of the most reliable funeral cover providers we offer. We have been working with them for a very long time. We got an award for top AVBOB broker nationally from 2012 to 2017. We know they offer a great service. We trust that our clients will feel the same. They are the only provider who offers a complete service. They can arrange the entire burial for you. This service takes a lot of stress away from the family.

This amazing provider opened for business almost 100 years ago. They have since gained more than 3.5 million members. They are a mutual society. A mutual society means that you are not just a policyholder. Policyholders are also stakeholders in the company. They have paid out more than 6.5 Billion Rand in special bonuses over the last nine years. They paid out this amount over and above regular bonuses.

We strongly believe is this provider. They have more than enough experience to ensure a decent burial. They are trusted by many South Africans.

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Burial Arrangement Services

With AVBOB burial insurance, you can rest assured that you will be in great hands. They offer almost all services linked to burials. Most vital services are available in-house. You can arrange all you need from just one place. They offer superb discounts to policyholders. They will give you up to R10 000* discount just for using their service. Many other discounts are available if you make use of them to arrange the memorial. The beneficiary can get a gravestone, coffin, flowers, and even booklets directly from them. They are very flexible and can even do catering at your home.

They are the only provider that will give you the option between cash only, or cash and services. This is a great benefit. There is nothing worse than making arrangements for a funeral. In many cases, it’s a loved one you need to bury.  Getting help with this can relief a lot of stress. They have been around the block and know exactly what to do. This will give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve.

Free AVBOB Benefits


Cover from R5 000 up to R50 000.

Free basic funeral included up to R10 000*.

No medical examinations or questions.

Guaranteed your acceptance.

Transportation of the deceased anywhere in SA.

Funeral arrangements (free and optional).

Use of the AVBOB mortuary.

6 Month waiting period only for natural causes.

No waiting period for accidental death

Use of artificial grass around grave site.

Free Retrenchment benefit*.

Use of modern hearse.

Double payout for accidental death

Claims paid within 48 hours*

Pay only for one child, the rest are free

Cash back after 5 year*

Free benefits available to all insured lives

Registration of Death at Home Affairs

R2 000 Cash upfront*

Flower arrangement on coffin

A personalized name plate on coffin

Use of a tent and chairs at grave site

Local phone calls to family and friends

Use of lowering device at the grave site

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R2000 Cash Upfront


Free Funeral up to R10 000*


Custom Catering


Cashback Benefit


Accidental Death Benefit


Retrenchment Benefit

Modern Hearse Icon

Use of Modern Hearse


Use of Cooling Facility

Starts From Just
Minimum Cover
Maximum Cover
Time to Settle Claims

Additional AVBOB Benefits

Arrangement for catering at home or church.

Conduct funerals over weekends to policy holders.

Arrangement for chairs at the grave site or church.

Arrangement for fresh flowers at the church.

Placement of funeral notice in your local newspaper.

Arrangement for family cars.

Arrangement for grave / cremation fees.

Arrangement for additional house tent.

Tombstone erected on the day of the funeral.

Arrangement for modern hearse.

AVBOB Funeral Products

SABS approved coffin manufactured in-house.

Specialised flower types and colours when designing the wreaths.

Metal caskets are available in various colours.

AVBOB one of South Africa’s leading tombstone manufacturers.

Multicultural products are available to suit all cultures.

AVBOB Benefits Explained

Whom Can I Cover Under My Policy?

You can get a policy for you, your direct and extended family members. You can include almost every member of your family. You can insure up to six extended family members under one policy. You only pay for one child; the rest will be free. You can cover your spouse, parents and even siblings. With this amazing provider, you can cover a wide range of family members under the same policy. Each member can have a different cover amount. Read More

Are there Medical Examinations?

There are no medical checks required. This product does not need you to answer medical questions. They will give you the benefit of the doubt.  There will be a six-month waiting period. This period is only for natural causes.

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All deaths due to an accident will have no waiting period. Accidents get cover from the first payment. This is an industry standard. It is to ensure people don’t take out a policy at the last minute.  Most funeral insurance policies will cover conditions like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, etc. However, it will only be covered after the standard waiting period. Read More


This great provider settles claims within 48 hours of getting all forms. They know how vital it is to pay claims as soon as they can. They always do their best to ensure that the family does not worry. To make a claim, please contact AVBOB directly. You will find all the relevant numbers on your policy documents. They are extremely effective at settling claims. We only handle sales & changes of existing polices.

Why Should You Use AVBOB?

There are many great reasons why we suggest AVBOB to our clients. We have sold 1000’s of funeral plans to date. We know our clients are extremely pleased with their service. One of the biggest reasons we believe they are so effective is because they offer a complete solution. Beneficiaries have the option to take a cash only lump sum. Alternatively, they can arrange everything for you. You will not have to struggle to arrange a worthy memorial. They are currently one of the biggest dedicated providers in SA. They have been around the block a couple of timers. They understand the industry very well.

Reasons to Use AVBOB

Advantages of Using AVBOB Services:

  1. Reliable Provider with a Great Track Record
  2. Affordable Options Available
  3. Includes Funeral Services
  4. More than 200 Offices Nationwide
  5. One Stop Solution
  6. No Medical Examinations Required
  7. Accidental Death Cover is Included
  8. Pay only for 1 Child, the Rest are Free
  9. Get up to R50 000 Cover
  10. From Just R37 p/m
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AVBOB is a very experienced provider. They understand the business. They know exactly how to arrange a burial. It takes away a lot of the stress associated with memorial services. We consider them to be one of the best providers in South Africa.

To get a free quote for AVBOB, just complete our contact form anywhere on our website. A friendly consultant from InSHoor™ will give you a call. We will do our best to help you find the best cover amount at the most affordable rate. If you are satisfied with your free quote, we can arrange your cover at no extra costs. That is right; it does not cost you anything extra to make use of our service.

Employee Funeral Cover

We often hear horror stories of employees that do not have the funds to arrange a funeral. It is very likely that the employees will have to support each other financially to arrange a burial. The employee’s family will often have to rely on financial support from the employer. It might be viable to offer your employees burial cover as a group benefit. Burial insurance is an incredible benefit that can enrich the lives of your employees. It can assist the company financially during difficult times.

With AVBOB, you can get funeral cover for your employees. It does not matter if you have 10 or 10 000 employees. At InSHoor™, we can assist your company in structuring the funeral plan to fit your exact needs. The employer can pay the full amount, or a partial amount. You can pay via stop order, or debit order. We can offer your company a free presentation. If you are satisfied, we can arrange your cover at no additional costs.

Get some peace of mind today; it is the responsible thing to do. Funerals are extremely expensive; do not let your family struggle financially. AVBOB burial cover can make a deserving funeral possible. Read More Here.

AVBOB Cashback Option

With AVBOB, you can choose a cashback option. What this means is you can get money back every couple of years. Almost like a saving plan. If you do not claim for 5 consecutive years, you get back a full years premiums. This payback is one of the many ways they wants to thank you for your loyalty. You can use the money for education, groceries or even that new flat screen TV. This is one of the many benefits of using a well established provider. Getting money back on insurance premiums is great…


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Funeral Insurance?

Firstly, sooner or later, everybody will pass away. This is the reality of life. Nobody lives forever. Preparing for this is important. When people pass away, there are costs involved. The family and friends often have to settle the bill. This can be very costly. Burial insurance will make money available at the time of death. This cash helps to arrange the funeral. The money can be used to pay the expenses occurred. This is exactly what this policy does. It makes funds available to the family.

Secondly, you decide how much cover you want and who you want to include. You can include your direct family. In most cases, you can also cover extended family. The premium payer decides the cover amount for each of the insured individuals. When any person on the policy dies, the provider pays out the money within 48 hours. Insurance is a very effective way to prepare for something that’s going to happen. Nobody wants to leave unpaid memorial bills behind. Your family will be going through enough.

Who Must Get Cover?

Death does not discriminate. It does not matter if you are young or old. Accidents claim lives every single day. It does not ask if you are healthy. This should be an eye opener. A healthy young person has the same risk as an ill old person. Nobody can escape death. Getting cover sooner rather than later is the responsible thing to do. The younger you are, the less it will cost to get cover. Do not wait until it is too late. You do not pay an arm and a leg for funeral insurance, in most cases, it will be entirely worth it. Read More

How Much Does it Cost?

Every free quote is unique. There is not a single price for every policyholder. It depends on a couple of things. The first and most important factor is your age. The older you are, the more it will cost. The second thing is the amount of cover. You can choose from R5000 to R50 000. The higher the cover levels, the higher the cost. The last thing is how many people you include. You can have different cover levels for every person you include. This allows you to amend the premium to make sure it is affordable. When we do your free quote, we help you structure the policy to be as relevant as possible.

Can I Take Cover if I’m Sick?

You can. There is a standard six-month waiting period. Accidental death does not fall under this same rule. Accidental death cover is valid from the first premium. This is to prevent people from taking out cover on their death bed. If death is due to an accident, the cover amount will double. If you have R10 000 cover and die because of accident, you get R20 000.

Who Gets the *Free AVBOB Benefits?

The benefits are available to all the insured members. The free basic funeral up to R10 000* is a benefit available to everybody on the plan. This is the same for all the other benefits offered by them. To qualify for the free benefits, you have to make use of them to arrange the funeral. If you opt for the cash only, the *free benefits fall away. Read More

How do I Sign Up?

All you need to do is complete a contact form anywhere on our website. You will receive a call from one of our friendly consultants. The consultant will explain everything to you and do your free quote. Once you are 100% happy with your quote, we arrange your cover for you. It does not cost you anything extra to use our service. Our consultants know the product very well. They know exactly how to structure it to get the best out of it. Read More

How Do I Claim?

AVBOB handle claims directly. If you want to claim, you have to contact them. The will get in touch and explain everything to you. In most cases, claims settle within 48 hours. It’s important to have all the documents the need ready. This will speed up the processes.

Can you make Changes to Existing Policies?

Unfortunately, we only handle sales. We are actually great at sales. We can make some changes. For example, if you want to add additional members or change cover amounts, we can assist. If you want to change banking details, or address, please click here AVBOB.

Should I Discuss My Policy Desires with my Family?

Absolutely. We understand death is a gloomy topic. Discussing your desires with your family is important. You can tell your family exactly what you want at your funeral. This will make planning a burial a lot easier. If your family knows what you want, they can simply make arrangements for you at the time of a claim. To read more about this topic, feel free to read our blog post here.


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