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AVBOB Benefits Explained

AVBOB Benefits Explained

On this page, you will discover the incredible benefits that AVBOB offers its clients. As a provider, AVBOB continuously strives to enhance its offerings. AVBOB benefits encompass a wide range of advantages for both policyholders and beneficiaries. You have the flexibility to either utilize these benefits to arrange the funeral or opt for a cash payout. Whichever option you choose, rest assured that you will receive exceptional service from them. Additionally, AVBOB recently raised the free discount amount for policies older than two years. AVBOB is a mutual society. This means that the benefits increase every year. The increase in AVBOB benefits will be for all new and old clients.

Burial Arrangements Included

Firstly, when opting for AVBOB to handle the funeral arrangements, you gain access to an extensive list of value-added benefits. Previously, clients received a discount of up to R4000* on funeral arrangements. However, AVBOB has increased the maximum discount amount, allowing you to save even more. For policies under two years old, the discount remains at R4000*, while policies older than two years now qualify for discounts up to R21 500*. Considering the cost of a funeral, this represents a significant amount of savings. With your AVBOB policy, you basically get a free funeral up to R13 303*.

Accidental Death Benefit

Remember that with AVBOB, if you as the main member have cover of R10 000 and experience an accidental death, your coverage amount will double. This means your coverage increases to R20 000 when you claim. This fantastic benefit is just one of the many advantages AVBOB benefits offer clients. The “accidental death policy” benefit comes at no additional cost.

Cash Only Option

Secondly, with AVBOB, you have the freedom to choose between receiving a cash payout or allowing them to handle the funeral arrangements on your behalf. We highly recommend considering AVBOB for the arrangements. This approach provides several benefits. Firstly, you become eligible for discounts. Secondly, you benefit from their expertise and comprehensive range of services. This benefit eliminates the need to search for various products and services elsewhere. AVBOB’s experience and industry knowledge ensure you receive top-quality offerings without extensive effort.

Cashback Benefit

Every five claim free years, AVBOB offers a cashback benefit, returning up to a full year’s premiums to you in cash. Remember, this AVBOB benefit only applies if you haven’t made any claims for five consecutive years. AVBOB shows appreciation for your loyalty by refunding the money directly to the policyholder. You can utilize this money in any way you wish. Consider it a little savings pocket that rewards your commitment. To qualify for the AVBOB benefits, you don’t need to take any additional steps apart from paying your monthly premiums.

AVBOB Benefits 2023

A range of free AVBOB benefits are available to insured individuals who have maintained coverage for a minimum of 24 months:

  • Free Funeral Arrangement Services: AVBOB takes care of all funeral arrangement services at no additional cost
  • Coffin and Hearse: Receive a high-quality coffin and hearse valued at R13,303*.
  • Upfront Cash Payment: Get R3,000 in cash upfront to assist with immediate expenses.
  • Tombstone or Cremation Discount: Enjoy a R3,000 discount on a tombstone (valid for 18 months after the funeral) or opt for cremation (fire or aquamation) with reduced costs.
  • Nationwide Transportation: AVBOB provides free transportation of the deceased anywhere within South Africa.

Discounts for Policies Less Than 2 Years Old

For policies in force for less than two years, AVBOB Funeral Service offers the following funeral discounts:

  • 15% discount (maximum of R4,000) on specified funeral services if the policy has been active for less than six months and the insured person’s death is due to natural causes*.
  • Funeral Discount: AVBOB extends a generous R4,000 discount on funeral services when the policy is active, and the insured person has been covered for less than six months. This discount is applicable in cases of unnatural causes*.
  • Complimentary Transport: As part of AVBOB’s commitment to policyholders, free transportation of the deceased within South Africa is provided when the policy has been in force for a period of six months or more, but less than 24 months*.

Member AVBOB Benefits

  1. Six-Month Premium Holiday: In the unfortunate event of the policy premium payer being retrenched, AVBOB grants a premium holiday for six months.

  2. AVBOB Reward Account: For policies issued before July 31, 2018, policyholders gain access to their own AVBOB Reward Account, which becomes available either upon reaching the age of 65 or in the event of death.

Obtaining a Quote

Lastly, we firmly believe that AVBOB is one of the premier providers in South Africa when it comes to benefits. They go above and beyond to ensure you and your family do not have to suffer during difficult times. To receive a no-obligation quote, simply complete a contact form anywhere on our website. One of our consultants will promptly reach out to provide a comprehensive explanation of each of the AVBOB benefits. Once you are happy with the quote, we can arrange your policy without any extra charge. Our quote service is entirely free, and you are under no obligation to proceed if you are not satisfied. We are committed to help you find the best possible policy. If you need Group Funeral Cover, Click Here





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