Important Types of Insurance

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  What are the most important types of Insurance?

What are the Most Important Types of Insurance?


As soon as you become an adult, you realize that insurance is an integral part of financial planning. You have to safeguard yourself against potential loss. There are many different types of insurance out there; it’s sometimes hard to keep track. Although with this website we focus on AVBOB funeral cover, we will discuss some of the other essential insurance products.

Types of Insurance

On this page, we are going to take a little look at some of the most important types of insurance.

Car Insurance

  • Car insurance: if you drive a vehicle, then it is a legal requirement to have car insurance. The car insurance will ensure that you do not have to pay out vast sums of cash if you cause a car accident.  You will be surprised at how much the costs associated with medical expenses and property damage start to add up!

Home Insurance

  • Home insurance: If you have a mortgage then it is likely that you will need to get home insurance. The job of home insurance will be to provide your property with protection should the worst happen. The home insurance will mainly cover the cost of the building (i.e., the amount of money it would take to repair the building should something happen to it), but some home insurance policies will also cover the personal possessions that you keep within the property.

Life Insurance

  • Life Insurance: This is sadly something which most people do not think about until it is far too late. Life protection will provide cash to your family in the event of your death. This cash will mainly cover any lost income (if you are still in work), but it may also be used to cover funeral expenses, bills, and even your mortgage. The amount of coverage that you get will, of course, depend on the policy you choose.

Funeral Insurance

  • Funeral Insurance: Funerals are dreadfully expensive nowadays. Funeral protection will help to cover the costs of them. Having access to money means that your family will not have to worry about the financial side in the event of your death. All they are going to need to worry about is mourning your death.

Medical Gap Insurance

  • Medical Gap Insurance: Medical care, particularly for the more serious of conditions, is incredibly expensive. For the most part, medical aid will provide you with some protection. Remember, any excess might still fall on your pocket. Medical gap insurance will mean that your insurance company will instead cover the surplus!

Income Protection

  • Income Protection Insurance: This form of insurance can take many different ways (always read into the various types of insurance to make sure you get the right one for your needs!). They all boil down to one thing though; provide you with income if you lose your job. Having access to cash will ensure that you do not have to try and tackle mounting bills. You will have money while you are out there hunting for jobs (or perhaps trying to nurse yourself back to health!)


Remember; no matter which of the types of insurance you are exploring. It is always essential that you do your research.  Research is one way to make sure that you are getting a brilliant deal on your insurance policy!

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