Important Types of Insurance

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  What are the Most Important Types of Insurance? Introduction As soon as you become an adult, you realize that insurance is an integral part of financial planning. You have to safeguard yourself against potential loss. There are many different types of insurance out there; it’s sometimes hard to keep track. Although with this website we focus on AVBOB funeral cover, we will discuss some of the other essential insurance products. Types of Insurance On this page, we are going to take a little look at some of the most important types of insurance. Car Insurance Car insurance: if you … Continued

Discussing Your AVBOB Burial with Your Family

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How to Discuss Your AVBOB Burial Policy with Your Family Most people prefer to not think about death, and few people think about their funeral. But AVBOB burial Policy will help to alleviate the financial stress the survivor’s experience when a loved one passes. Those who are left behind do not have to worry about funeral costs because AVBOB makes the arrangements. Making sure you leave money behind is the responsible thing to do. Funerals are expensive; you do not want your family to stress about money during this sad time. Click Here for Homepage The advantage for the AVBOB … Continued

AVBOB Premiums Explained

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AVBOB Premiums Explained AVBOB funeral cover premiums are a topic we often get asked about for by people. On our website, we usually get clients requesting the premium structure. Some people think there is a set fee for everybody that takes out an AVBOB policy. Little be known that AVBOB premiums are calculated almost uniquely for each person on the policy. On this page, we will look at how it works. How AVBOB Calculate Premiums Firstly, AVBOB calculates premiums using the ages of the members. For example, the premiums will be more for a person who is 60, compared to … Continued

New AVBOB Benefits

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AVBOB Benefits Explained (New & Old) With AVBOB, there is a massive list of amazing benefits. They always try and improve their product. As you may know, AVBOB benefits offer clients a wide range of benefits to both policyholders and beneficiaries. You have the choice to make use of them to arrange the funeral, or you can take the cash. Regardless of the option you choose, you will get fantastic service. They recently increased the free discount amount if your policy is older than two years. Burial Arrangements Included If you decide to make use of AVBOB to arrange the … Continued

Shopping for Funeral Coverage

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Shopping for Burial Coverage Introduction Now, for the most part, burial coverage is not all that expensive. However, we all want to save a little bit of money where we can. On this page, I am going to share with you a few ideas for when it comes to saving money on funeral coverage. With AVBOB, you can select the amount of cover that suits your needs. You pay per R1000 cover. This flexibility helps the premium payer determine how much the policy cost. Shopping Around While many people will hop from insurance provider to insurance provider looking for the … Continued

Benefits of Funeral Coverage

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Benefits of Affordable Funeral Coverage Introduction Are you considering purchasing affordable funeral coverage? On this page, we are going to go through a few of the benefits of buying funeral coverage. Now, I am aware that there are very few people out there who wish to think about the day that they die. Sadly, however, if you want to offer the best protection for your family, you are going to need to do so. Go Back to Homepage Useful Tips to Get Affordable Funeral Coverage When you die, your family will, hopefully, be grieving for you. They are going to … Continued

When to Buy Funeral Coverage?

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When Should you Buy Funeral Coverage? Introduction Should I buy funeral coverage now? This question is a tough question to answer. As for many other insurance policies out there, I would urge you to pay for it as soon as possible. However, funeral coverage is slightly different. Let us take a look at why. Now, if you are under retirement age and have a life insurance policy in place, you might not need to have funeral coverage in place. In some cases, this is because your life insurance policy is going to cover funeral expenses. You will, however, want to … Continued

What is Insurance?

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What is Insurance? Introduction In short, this is a pretty tough question to answer just for the fact that there is an overabundance of types of policies out there to select from in SA. I am going to give you a brief overview of what insurance is all about, however. It is worth noting though that policies do differ drastically, and some may offer additional perks that I do not highlight here. Valuable Protection Insurance is a form of protection for you. Every month (or on a regular basis at least), you will be paying your insurance company a set … Continued

How to Choose a Funeral Plan

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How to Choose a Funeral Plan Introduction When considering a funeral plan, there are many things to think about. In the South African market, there are many options. Every provider offers unique benefits to make their products sell better. In some cases, these benefits are not beneficial to the funeral at all. Providers sometimes use this to trick buyers into taking “value-added” benefits that are of little or no use. On this page, we will look at the things you need to consider when choosing a funeral plan. We will also look at the benefits of AVBOB funeral plans. Determine … Continued

What Makes AVBOB Different?

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What Makes an AVBOB Insurance Policy Different? Introduction With so many funeral cover providers in South Africa, it can be hard to find the best provider. With so many choices, what makes one policy better than another? Well on this page, we will look at some aspects to consider. With AVBOB, you will get a wide range of valuable benefits. We will explain the AVBOB Insurance Policy in more depth now. AVBOB Policy Payout Options Firstly, the way AVBOB manages claims is the first thing you will notice. Unlike most other funeral insurance providers, they can handle the burial on … Continued

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