Why is There a Waiting Period on AVBOB Insurance?

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AVBOB Insurance – Waiting Period on Explained

Understanding the waiting period is crucial when it comes to insurance policies, including AVBOB Insurance. In most cases, insurance providers implement a waiting period. A waiting period is a specific timeframe during which you cannot make a claim. For instance, if you have a medical insurance policy, there might be a stipulation preventing you from making a claim within the first six months. Let’s explore the reasons behind this waiting period. Particularly in the context of funeral cover, which typically has a six-month waiting period for natural causes. Some clients might think that this waiting period is a way for providers to cheat clients, however, this cannot be further from the truth.

Standard Practice

Firstly, insurance companies aim to generate profits and avoid paying out too quickly. Consequently, they establish waiting periods. This practice ensures that individuals don’t sign up for an insurance policy only to make immediate claims, leaving the insurance company with minimal customer payments. Unfortunately, there are people who engage in such behavior.

Secondly, to obtain coverage for an event, you generally need to hold the insurance policy for a reasonable duration. Otherwise, the insurance company may become suspicious. It’s not uncommon for individuals who make claims within a year to face more scrutiny than those without any claims over several years.

Lastly, some clients might even wait before they take out a product like AVBOB insurance until the person is on their death bed. It’s important to note that you do not need to undergo a medical examination, or answer any medical questions to join. Without knowing the applicants medical status, the AVBOB must give the client the benefit of the doubt.

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Additional Benefits

Secondly, remember, the waiting period benefits not only the insurance company but also its clients. As mentioned earlier, insurance companies exist to make money, primarily through insurance premiums. If policyholders constantly make claims shortly after acquiring a policy without contributing significantly to the premiums, the insurance company must raise premiums for everyone else. In essence, although the waiting period may be frustrating, it ultimately helps reduce your insurance premiums, resulting in substantial long-term savings. Read More

Waiting Period Waiver

With AVBOB Insurance, a six-month waiting period applies specifically to natural causes of death. For instance, if you have cancer, you can still apply for coverage. However, you must survive for at least six months before being eligible to make a claim. This practice aims to prevent clients from taking out a funeral policy while being critically ill. It’s important to understand that the waiting period can be waived if you move to AVBOB. This means if you completed your waiting period, with the other provider, it will be waived. This is to make sure that you do not start a new waiting period.

Notably, AVBOB Insurance does not impose a waiting period for accidental death. If you pass away as a result of an accident, your family can make a claim even from the first payment. Go To Main AVBOB Page Here


Keep in mind that the waiting period is generally standard across various insurance policies. Therefore, extensive shopping around may not be necessary solely for the waiting period aspect. However, it is still essential to compare and find the best possible deal for your insurance needs. This way, you can minimize your payment obligations while maximizing your coverage. With AVBOB Insurance, the waiting period will be waived if the applicant has completed a waiting period with another provider. If you have another policy and move to AVBOB, you do not have a waiting period, provided that the waiting period was completed already.

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