AVBOB Funeral Services Explained

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AVBOB Funeral Services

AVBOB Funeral Services Explained


When it is time to claim for a burial, emotions are usually not great. Arranging a memorial while grieving can be a difficult task. There are so many things to consider. AVBOB funeral services help your beneficiary with the entire process. On this page, we I will look at the process and options of your AVBOB funeral plan. Back to Homepage

Cash Only Option

Firstly, your beneficiary will have two options. The first option is to only take the money paid out. The funds can then be used to arrange the memorial independently. You can then use multiple providers. For example, you can get pamphlets from one company and flowers from another. This option works better for the more experienced person.

If you choose the cash-only option, there will be no further services offered by AVBOB. They will pay out the claim like most burial plan. One of the advantages of this option is the ability to shop around. Finding better deals around town is possible.

Cash with Benefits Option

Secondly, there is the cash with benefits option. This benefit is what makes AVBOB funeral services such a great product. Your beneficiary has the opportunity to let AVBOB take care of all your needs. They offer almost all the services you need in-house. This service means your recipient does not have to run around to find all the facilities required.

With this option, there will be many free benefits. This benefit includes the use of their hearse and lowering device. You also get up to R2000 discount on a coffin and use of the mortuary. If you combine all the free benefits, the policy will be worth a lot more. There are many benefits to letting AVBOB funeral services take care of your needs.

AVBOB Funeral Services Benefits:

1. Use of Lowering Device
2. Use of Hearse
3. Tents & Chairs at Gravesite.
4. Artificial Grass at Grave
5. Transport of Deceased (SA)
6. Local Telephone Calls
7. Use of Mortuary
8. Name Plate on Coffin
9. Artificial Wreath
10. Registration of Death

Above are some of the benefits that will come with a basic policy if you decide to make use of AVBOB to arrange the funeral. They have been around the block and know what their customers need. It’s incredibly convenient and very effective.

Basic Claiming Procedure

When it is time to submit a claim, it is essential to get all the documents ready. All deaths must be registered by law. AVBOB will assist you with this. For AVBOB funeral services to help, they will need the ID book of the deceased and a medical certificate. (AVBOB can assist with this)

AVBOB will need all the documents to process the claim. They usually pay within 48 hours of receiving all the papers. They understand the importance of having money fast.

The easiest way to claim is to contact AVBOB directly. They will explain to you step by step what they need to process the claim. They will provide you with all the forms you need.

You will receive an SMS when AVBOB funeral services are processing your claim. A second SMS will be sent to advise you that the claim is in progress. Please answer all telephone calls from a private number. This call is essential. This call will be to verify your claim details. Answering this call will speed up the entire process.


We strongly suggest that our clients consider using AVBOB funeral services to arrange the funeral. However, should you decide to do everything by yourself, see this article for some arrangement tips.




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