What is Funeral Cover?

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Understanding Funeral Cover: A Complete Guide

Firstly, funeral cover, also known as funeral insurance, is a term commonly used in South Africa. However, not everyone fully understands the purpose and benefits of this type of coverage. In this article, we will explore what funeral cover entails and why it is crucial to have a funeral plan in place.

Why is Funeral Cover Important?

  • Preparedness for the Inevitable:

Firstly, although thinking about death may be uncomfortable, it is vital to accept its certainty and be prepared. Secondly, death can occur at any time, regardless of age, race, or gender. While older individuals may be more prone to natural causes, accidents can claim the lives of young people as well. Lastly, death shows no partiality; when the time comes, it comes.

  • Affordability of a Dignified Burial:

Furthermore, arranging a deserving burial involves various considerations. Some of the aspects to keep in mind include:

  • Tombstone
  • Coffins
  • Pamphlets,
  • Mortuary costs
  • Venues
  • Hearse
  • Musicians
  • Fresh flowers
  • Catering, and more.

These costs quickly pick up, and not everyone has thousands of rands readily available to cover the costs. A funeral can be a substantial financial burden. On average, an AVBOB funeral costs over R12 000. Remember, this is for basic services and it can be even higher.

  • Financial Support When It Matters:

Above all, funeral cover provides the necessary funds when you need them the most. You have the flexibility to choose the insured amount for yourself or a loved one. AVBOB, for example, releases the chosen amount to your beneficiary. In Other words, the beneficiary can then utilize the funds to make all the needed arrangements. Any remaining money can support the family during this challenging time.

  • Cost-Effective Premiums:

Moreover, you can tailor funeral cover premiums to suit your budget. For instance, if you and your spouse are between the ages of 26 and 40, insuring each person for R10,000 could cost approximately R95 per month. A waiting period of six months typically applies only to natural causes. After this waiting period, AVBOB will release the R10,000 to your beneficiary. However, coverage for accidental death begins immediately, with the benefit amount doubling to R20,000. Keep in mind, a double payout is only for the main member. This benefit operates like an accidental death policy and is standard across all AVBOB policies.

  • Additional Benefits from AVBOB:

AVBOB, among other providers, offers extra benefits to enhance their funeral cover policies. One significant advantage is that AVBOB arranges the funeral on your behalf. By utilizing their services, you may even receive a burial discount of up to R13 303*. Of course, you have the option to receive a cash payout instead. However, it is highly recommended to consider AVBOB’s full in-house services. With their expertise and industry knowledge, they can ensure that all your needs are taken care of efficiently and professionally.

  • Trust in AVBOB’s Experience:

Lastly, AVBOB has been providing quality funeral services and products for nearly 100 years. With such extensive experience, they are masters in the art of offering excellent service to their clients. You can trust in their expertise to guide you through the funeral planning process with compassion and understanding.

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