What Makes AVBOB Different?

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What Makes an AVBOB Insurance Policy Different?


With so many funeral cover providers in South Africa, it can be hard to find the best provider. With so many choices, what makes one policy better than another? Well on this page, we will look at some aspects to consider. With AVBOB, you will get a wide range of valuable benefits. We will explain the AVBOB Insurance Policy in more depth now.

AVBOB Policy Payout Options

Firstly, the way AVBOB manages claims is the first thing you will notice. Unlike most other funeral insurance providers, they can handle the burial on your behalf. When it comes time to settle a claim, AVBOB will give the beneficiary some options. The first option is taking the money and arranging the burial independently. In short, this is the way most providers handle claims. The beneficiary will be responsible for organizing the memorial. This unfortunate event can be very hard on the family. Alternatively, they will ask if they can arrange the funeral for you. They will make sure you get everything you need. The beneficiary can choose only the products and services they want. They will deduct the cost from the payout. All money left over will still go to the family. This option means they do everything for you hassle-free.

As far as I know, they are the only provider that offers this service. They are most definitely the market leader when it comes to comprehensive funeral insurance.

Nationwide Service

Secondly, they have been around for many years. They operate with over 330 branches in South Africa. No matter where you are, you are sure to find an office near you. It is almost like every city has a church, liquor store, and a local branch. The benefit is it is very likely that you will have an office close to you. Visiting the branch to arrange the funeral is a very effective way to get things done.
AVBOB Products & Services

Lastly, AVBOB can supply almost every product and service you need. They manufacture coffins, tombstones and other products required. They can do everything you need from under one roof. This kind of service is excellent for the family. They will not have to try and find the right providers. There are a lot of things to consider. Let’s look at some of the elements you will need.

1. Catering
2. Family Cars
3. Tombstone
4. Coffin
5. Pamphlets
6. Tents & Chairs
7. Hearse
8. Flowers, etc.

The good news is that AVBOB can arrange all the above for you. Mentioned above is just some of the products and services they offer. You can get just about every service you need. They can even do catering at your house. That’s right; they will always go the extra mile to ensure a decent burial.

Cashback Offer / Discounts

AVBOB insurance Policies offer clients many discounts if they decide to use them for the funeral. They provide clients up to R16 00* discounts on a basic funeral. This money will be over and above any cash payout. With AVBOB insurance policy cashback policies, the client will get one years premiums back every five years. You can spend this money on anything you may need. It belongs to the premium payer. AVBOB Main Page

Free Quote

Do you need more information regarding AVBOB insurance policies? Let us give you a free no obligation quote. Our friendly consultants are just waiting to hear from you. If you are satisfied with your free no obligation quote, we can arrange your AVBOB policy at no additional cost.





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