Free AVBOB Funeral of Up to R11 000*

AVBOB Introduction

With so many funeral cover policies out there, local providers need to step up their game to get noticed. AVBOB funeral policies are disrupting the industry with some amazing new benefits. Read below to see how you can get a FREE benefits of up to R16 000*

Firstly, AVBOB is a well-known burial services brand. One of the lesser known facts about their product is the FREE funeral of up to R11 000. One of the biggest advantages of getting a family funeral policy through AVBOB is that policy holders get a whole bunch of free benefits over and above the value of their policy. If you decide to make use of AVBOB to arrange the funeral, they can arrange a sufficient funeral and pay you the insured amount.

This means you can use the cash payout to pay for anything you or your family needs. This is by far one of the best funeral policies we have seen. The total amount of free benefits come to R16 000*

Up to R50 000 cover from just R36 p/m

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Can you really afford not to get family funeral cover?

AVBOB Policy Benefits

FREE AVBOB Funeral Policy Benefits

Basic Funeral Up to R10 000*

R2000 Cash Upfront

Use of Lowering Device & Hearse

Tents & Chairs at Grave site

Transport of Deceased (SA)

Use of AVBOB Mortuary

Artificial Grass at Grave

Accidental Death Cover

Retrenchment Benefit*

Death Registration, etc.

Optional AVBOB Benefits

Fresh Flowers



Family Cars

Tents & Chairs Home, etc.

About Funeral Cover


First of all, let’s take a look at funeral insurance. It’s important to understand this product because it’s vital to any insurance portfolio. A funeral plan is an insurance policy that makes money available at the time of death. We all know nobody lives forever. This fact is the reason why we have to make sure we prepare financially.

How Quickly Does it Pay Out?

Most providers will pay you within 48 hours. This quick payout is to ensure you have money ready to arrange the funeral. This event can be an expensive event. Not everybody thinks of everything you need. Always keep in mind; you need to get a coffin, tombstone, catering, flowers, musicians, etc. All these things cost money. Making sure you can afford it is crucial.

How Much Funeral Cover Do I Need?

It depends on your needs. Consider that a funeral can easily cost upwards of R15 000 to start. Some memorials can go as high as R50 000. The more people attend, the higher the cost. It also depends on the quality of service you want. At the end of the day, you decide how much cover you want.

Who Can I Add to the Policy?

You can add you direct and indirect family. In short, your spouse, children and parents and up to 6 extended family members. Each individual can have a separate cover amount. This separation allows you to make sure you can afford the monthly cost. The more people you add, the higher the price. This increased cost is because each person will have a value. In the end, AVBOB will combine the cost into one premium.

Do I need Any Medical Tests to Join?

There are no medicals to join a policy because there is a waiting period. This waiting period is only for natural causes. It’s a standard six months. For accidental death, you will get cover from the first payment. This waiting period is to prevent terminally ill people from taking a policy last minute.

About Funeral Cover

Firstly, one of the main reasons you need to join AVBOB today is to have money when a person dies. It is essential to have access to cash fast; this is the main aim of this product.AVBOB will make money available within 48 hours. They understand the importance of getting your money as soon as possible.

The second reason is that if you use them to arrange the funeral, you get up to R16 000 in free benefits. The free benefits are over and above your cash payout. Funerals are costly. You need to consider all the costs of a dignified burial. We often hear stories of people who do not have cover in a time of need. It can be very stressful for the family. We always suggest that you try and avoid this.

Lastly, you get the peace of mind you deserve. Nobody wants to leave their family in a bad position when they die. If you do not have a cover, your family will have to pay. Because money is often scarce, your family might have to scrape together the cash. You can easily avoid this for a small monthly premium. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get a free quote, get started. Apply Here

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If you make use of them to arrange the funeral, you will have access to free services listed below:

AVBOB offers free and optional benefits. The free benefits are available to all the insured members on the policy. When it is time for a claim, the beneficiary can decide to make use of AVBOB for the funeral. The cash payout can then be used for additional and optional service. You do not have to pay for any extra services. The cash payout can be used for anything. This means you can get a free funeral and have some money for other essentials.

Reasons to Get AVBOB Funeral Insurance

Funeral plan from top provider in SA.

They offer very affordable monthly premiums.

Get Cashback after 5 Years

They can do almost everything in-house.

You have full control of your burial spend.

You can get a FREE funeral of up to R10 000*.

Cover your direct and in-direct family.

Pay for just one child, the rest are free.

They have almost 200 branches over SA.

Get Accidental Death Cover built in.

Includes a Retrenchment benefit*

Use of mortuary & modern hearse.

Use of tents & chairs, etc.


How do I Sign Up For This  Funeral Policy

InShoor™ is a registered financial services provider. We have been awarded top AVBOB broker every year from 2012 to 2017. We sign up thousands of new clients every year. Using our service does not cost you anything more. There are no middle man costs to sign up for a policy through our call centre. Our dedicated and friendly staff will give you a call back in a couple of minutes. We guide you through the sign up process and make it as easy as possible.

To get your FREE quote, feel free to complete a contact form anywhere on our website. Our friendly staff members are waiting to assist you. There is no obligation, if you do not feel that the premiums are reasonable, you do not have to sign up. We are convinced that you will be impressed.