Script Draft

IntroductionNotes & Important Information

Good day, you are speaking to –A–fullname–B– and I am phoning from InShoor on behalf of AVBOB, may I please speak to –A–first_name–B– –A–last_name–B–? – That’s GREAT, thank you very much!

I’m phoning in connection with your FREE AVBOB Quote you recently requested online, is this a convenient time to speak to you? – Awesome, thanks!

Before I begin, I must let you know that our calls are recorded for quality and security reasons and a copy thereof will be made available to you upon request. I am an authorised representative of InShoor, FSP number 43216 and I render financial services under supervision on a non-advice basis. I am authorised to provide financial services on long-term insurance products such as funeral policies. OK?

Must mention calling FROM InSHoor, and on BEHALF of AVBOB.

NOTE: If “Yes” continue, if “No” then schedule a time to call back. (MAKE NOTES)




Sales PresentationNotes & Important Information

Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B– AVBOB has an exciting Cashback Funeral Plan that offers cover in the event that either you or a family member passes away.

Firstly, with this amazing policy, if you decide to make use of AVBOB Funeral Services to conduct the funeral or cremation, you qualify for up to R17 500* in FREE funeral benefits. The free benefits are over and above the insured cover amount, I am sure you will agree, it’s always good to get some free benefits, RIGHT? – Wait for yes.

Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B– Are you aware of the costs that you or your family will incur when someone passes away? – Wait for an answer and give them the average cost if they don’t know.

AVBOB would like to help and take care of this expense by offering you a funeral plan which will reward you with CASH for every five years that you do NOT claim. That’s right! If there was NO claim for five years, AVBOB will pay you back ALL the premiums you paid in every fifth year – in cash.

Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B– You can choose a basic cover amount from R10,000 all the way up to R50,000.

Another great benefit is that should the main insured person pass away due to an accident, for example, a car accident, or any unnatural cause, like drowning, AVBOB will double the insured amount to a maximum of R20,000. It’s also good to know that for accidental death, there will be no waiting period, you are covered from the very first premium received.

Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B– to give you a free quote, all I need is to ask you 5 quick questions

NOTE: If “Yes” continue, if “No” then handle the Objection.
•    Just to make sure, will you be the premium payer and main insured person of the policy?  OK Perfect! 

If YES- J18
If NOJ19

Remember: On J19 the applicant will not enjoy any cover under the policy unless they are also covered as a spouse, parent, or extended family member.

Quotation Section:

  1. Ok, firstly, can you kindly provide me with your Date of Birth, please? Thank you!
  2. Next, what cover amount would you be interested in, should we start the quote with R20 000, or do you think you need more cover? – We can always increase or decrease the amount later as needed.
  3. Are you married and do you have any children? Perfect.
  4. Lastly, do you have parents or extended lives to cover? Great.

Only read for J18: – The plan also includes a FREE Breadwinner Benefit
This Benefit will ensure that your spouse, children, and parents, will remain covered after your death without having to pay further premiums. Should you die after your policy was in force for 10 years or more, your extended family members, if covered, will also remain covered.
This is good to know, isn’t it? – Wait for yes.

Only if the client has a Spouse:

A spouse can also be covered under the policy for the same insured amount or less but not less than R10 000.

Would you like me to include your Spouse in the Quote? – Capture details in the calculator.

Only if the Client has Children: (KV5/KV6/KV7)

Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B– you can add all your unmarried own, step, or legally adopted children under the age of 21 years while you only pay for one child. This is great, isn’t it? Wait for yes.

If your child/children reach the age of 21 years and are still full-time students at a registered educational institution, they will remain covered under this policy during their period of study, but not after having reached the age of 25 years. Remember, proof will be required to confirm the status as a student.

The insured amounts and premium are: (Only give relevant options)

Age and Premium                   KV5                KV6                KV7
21 – 25 (Students)                   R10 000          R15 000        R30 000
14 – 20 years                            R10 000         R15 000         R30 000
6 – 13 years                              R6 000            R10 000        R20 000
0 – 5 years (Stillborn)              R3 000            R7 500           R10 000
Monthly premium                   R21.00             R37.00          R67.00

Would you like me to include your children into the quote? – Capture details in the calculator.

Only if the Client has Parents: (OV6)

Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B– what is great about having a Cashback Funeral Policy, is that you can also cover your parents and parents-in-law. Cover options for parents are range from R5 000 to R30 000.

Would you like me to include your parents or parents-in-law into the Quote? Capture details in the calculator.

Only if the Client has Extended Family: (EX6)

Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B– because AVBOB understands that family always comes first, you can also add up to 6 of your extended family members, like your siblings, grandparents, grandchildren etc. Cover options available to extended Family are between R5 000 to R30 000

Please note, Insurable interest should exist between you and any extended family member that is included under this benefit – meaning a financial loss should be suffered when they pass away.

Would you like me to include any Extended Family members into the Quote?
How are you related to this person? – Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B– will you suffer a financial loss if your …… (relation) should die? For example, will you have to help pay for the funeral if this person passes away?

NOTE: If “Yes” get the person’s DOB. If “No” please let the client know they continue to Sales Close.

ONLY if an Extended Family Member is younger than 6 years old and the cover amount is more than R20 000 – please read: If children under the age of 6 years (e.g. grandchildren) are covered under this benefit and die before the age of 14 years, the maximum insured amount payable at claim stage is R20 000. OK?

Pre-close: Perfect, thank you very much for all your kindness & patience. I have everything I need for now.

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NOTE: On average a basic funeral will cost between R18 000 and R25 000 and that will not include a tombstone or additional cars, busses and tents, etc.

Example: if you take the R15, 000 Cashback Funeral Cover and the main insured passes away in a car accident, AVBOB will pay out the insured amount of R15, 000 plus an additional amount of R15, 000.  Or if you take the R50,000 Cashback Funeral Cover and pass away in an accident, AVBOB will pay out the insured amount of R50,000 plus an additional amount of R20,000. – Must be before their 60th birthday, and within 90 days AFTER the accident,


If a person will be the main insured AND pay the premiums: J18 and younger than 64 years
If the person wants to cover someone else and only be the premium payer: J19.






NOTE: Make mental notes of the answers for the next section. In the next part, you will just ask to add members as per answers here.







Only one spouse can be covered.  Other spouses can be covered under Extended family.
The spouse must be younger than 64 years.

NOTE: If “Yes” get Spouse’s DOB, if “No” continue with Children Benefit.


Children of brothers or sisters can only be covered under Extended family.

The insured amount of the basic policy will determine the KV benefit that can be added:
KV5 – any insured amount
KV6 – Insured amount R15 000 or more.
KV7 – Insured amount R30 000 or more.





NOTE: If “Yes” get children’s DOB, if “No” continue with Parent Benefit.

Four parents can be covered even if a spouse is not on the policy.
All parents must be covered for the same insured amount.
Parents can be:
Own biological parents, Stepparents or foster parents of the insured and spouse.

NOTE: If “Yes” get parent’s DOB, if “No” continue with Extended Family Benefit

Extended family are limited to:
Brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, grandparents, grandchildren, cousins, brothers and sisters-in-law, second spouses, own adult children, sons and daughters-in-law and foster children.

All extended family members must be covered for the same insured amount and it may not be more than the insured amount of the main insured



Direct Sales Close Notes & Important Information

Sales Close 1:

So, Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B– for a monthly premium of only Rxxx, can I go ahead and arrange this cover for you now?

If YesPerfect, can I arrange that your policy documents are sent to –A–last_name–B– or do you have another email address where we can send it to? – Capture details and continue to Excel application.

If no – I understand that you might not be convinced yet, remember, as an added member benefit AVBOB Funeral Service will give you and all the other insured persons on your policy FREE funeral benefits, depending on the duration of the cover, the age of the insured person and the cause of death.

For cover of 24 months or more, all adults and children over the age of 14 years will receive a FREE basic funeral to the value of R12 765 that includes a basic coffin and hearse and the arrangements for the funeral PLUS R2 500 cash benefit that you can use for food or any other arrangements PLUS you also get FREE transport of the deceased within South Africa provided the funeral is done by AVBOB Funeral Service. I am sure you will agree that this is amazing, isn’t it? Wait for yes and continue to Sales Close 2.

Sales Close 2:

So Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B–, I am sure you will agree that Rxxx per month is a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing that you or your family will be in great hands in a time of need. Does this make sense? If Yes – Perfect, can I arrange that your policy documents are sent to –A–email–B– or do you have another email address where we can send it to? – Let me capture some details, it will only take a few minutes.

Capture details and continue to Excel application if “No” thank the customer for his time and end the call politely.

NOTE: If “Yes” continue with Survivor Benefit or Replacement Policy Section








Adults and children 14 year and older:

1. Less than 6 months – 24 months: Natural causes you get R4 000 discount and free transport
2. More than 24 Months. Full free benefits    

Children 1 – 13 years or less than 6 months:

1. Less than 6 months natural causes – 15% (Max R1 220) discount on specified coffin/services

2. Less than 6 months natural causes – R1 220  discount, free transport.

3. More than 24 months: Free basic funeral hearse to the value of R7 852 (R5827 stillborn), free transport, and R2 500 cash


Optional Survivor BenefitNotes & Important Information
So Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B– with an additional premium payable we can also add a Survivor Benefit to this Policy.  This benefit will pay the insured amount in 6 equal installments after the death of the main insured and/or the spouse to help the family cope with the loss of the monthly income. The insured amount can be the same as the death cover to the maximum amount of R30 000 or it can be less. This benefit is available on the main insured’s life (yourself) and/or on your spouse’s life only.

So Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B–, would you like me to include the Survivor Benefit for you?

Great! The Cover Options available is R10 000; R20 000 or R30 000.

Which cover option will be ideal for you? So Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B–, your new monthly premium which includes the Survivor Benefit for you and/or your Spouse will be Rxxx per month, can I go ahead and arrange this cover for you?

NOTE: If “Yes” continue with Replacement Policy, if “No” also continue with the Replacement Policy.

Survivor Benefit available on the main insured person and / or the spouse only.

Min: R10 000
Max: R30 000

The insured amount may not be more than the basic policy.

The 1st payment will start the month after the death claim has been paid.

NOTE: If “Yes” to Survivor Benefit – select the Cover Amount, if “No” continue for Replacement Policy.


Replacement Policy (To be read 100% verbatim)Notes & Important Information
Replacement refers to the action or process of substituting a funeral policy (the “replaced policy”), wholly or in part, with another funeral policy (the “replacement policy”) and the entering into or variation of the replacement policy within 31 days after the termination of the replaced policy.

If this is a replacement, read the following word for word:

As already pointed out, I am only accredited to render financial services on a non-advice basis and as such I am unable to give advice on the replacement process.

Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B– I need to ask, did you have a previous policy with another insurer that provided cover in respect of similar risks relating to the same insured person(s) as those covered under this funeral policy within 31 days before today?

NOTE: If “No” continue to Capture of Policy Details, if “Yes”, obtain the following information from the customer:

–    Kindly provide us with the name of the previous insurer?
–    How many months of the waiting period on the policy being replaced are left over?

If this is a replacement read the following disclosures to the Customer word for word:

•    As you confirmed that the funeral cover with another insurer has lapsed or was canceled within 31 days before the issue date of this new policy with us, the whole, or a part, of the waiting period, may be waived. If the waiting period under the previous policy had expired, no waiting period will be imposed under this policy. If the waiting period under the previous policy had not expired yet, the waiting period equal to the unexpired part of the waiting period under the previous policy will be imposed by AVBOB, provided the same or a lesser amount of funeral cover relating to the same insured persons as those covered under the previous policy.
•    In order to waive the waiting period (partially or in total), proof of the start date, premiums paid to date, insured person(s), insured amount, and the cancellation date of the previous policy from the previous insurer, will be required at claim stage if not provided at application stage.
•    Do you authorize AVBOB to obtain the above information from your previous insurer at any time? Yes/No?
•    I hereby confirm that a waiting period on your policy based on the information obtained from you: is ……OR your policy is without a waiting period. If no, manage the situation and do not continue until authorised.











NOTE: The name of the previous insurer is compulsory but one can proceed without being provided with the policy number.







If the client still has a waiting period, mentioned above. The same waiting period will be used here. If they do not have a waiting period left, the policy is WITHOUT a waiting period.


Capture Client Full DetailsNotes & Important Information

Applicant’s detail: Capture all the requested detail, email if available.

Beneficiary details: The beneficiary/ies ID number(s) MUST be obtained and captured on J18.  Capture the full names and surname of the beneficiary, no Nicknames can be accepted. Capture the correct relationship.

Should the Applicant NOT have a beneficiary:

 “The current beneficiary will be nominated as “Estate Late of Mr client” which means that the payment at claims stage might be delayed due to all payments under the policy to be paid to your Estate. Do you understand? YES/NO

Please remember that you can update your beneficiary’s details at any time, once in possession of the ID or date of birth of the nominated beneficiary by contacting Avbob’s Client Care Department.

Spouse detail: NOTE: The ID of the spouse is compulsory. Capture the correct detail as requested.

Payment Details: NOTE: Obtain the banking detail and debit order arrangement details.

  • On which date do you receive you salary? Use this date to capture
  • Please supply us with the bank account that your salary is paid to. Use this account to capture

Ensure you read the following for debit orders:

Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B–, in terms of your debit order, you give AVBOB permission to take the premium as agreed from your bank account. You know that the date on which AVBOB will take the premium may differ from month to month to be on the same date as when you get paid. You acknowledge that the payment due dates will vary to coincide with your salary dates as determined by your employer. You request AVBOB to take the premium from your account on these dates or as close as possible to these dates. This permission will be valid until canceled by you in writing. You understand that if two premiums in a row are not paid because there is not enough money in your account, AVBOB will not request further premiums to avoid you paying high banking costs for unpaid debit orders.

Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B–, do you understand and accept what I have just read to you? YES/NO

Kindly note that a reference will appear on your bank statement as  “A Avbob Y Prem” followed by your policy number starting with AL., The policy number will be sent to you via SMS and Whatsapp as soon as the policy has been issued. One of our service consultants will be in touch with you to guide you through the first 3 months of your new policy. Our service agent will contact you in the next few days via Whatsapp with more details.

The applicant on J19 will be the premium payer and the Main insured is a different person.

No Beneficiary needed for J19

When the policyholder on a J19 passes away, the main insured person, or a person nominated who has an insurable interest, can apply for the “Transfer of Ownership” within three (3) months after the death of the policyholder

To make the beneficiary Estate Late is not advised as claim can be delayed.


Decleration – 100% Verbatim no ExceptionsNotes & Important Information
Disclaimer (MUST BE READ 100% VERBATIM – IN ENGLISH – may be explained in a client’s language of preference AFTER each question or statement was read in ENGLISH)

We are almost done with your application. According to the FAIS Act, I must share the following important details with you. Mr/Mrs/Ms –A–first_name–B–  you have agreed to take out a (J-Series, cashback policy or GT Series Pensioner Policy)

1) ALL J-SERIES POLICIES, (Was disclosure completed with the Applicant AND Premium Payer?)
2) GT – POLICY, (Ask Question: Is the Main Life Assured aware of the policy which you are taking out on his / her name?)
3) J19 – POLICY, (Was the FULL DISCLOSURE completed with BOTH the Premium Payer AND the Main Life) IMPORTANT: Both recordings MUST be available)

NEW RULE FOR J19 POLICIES – FULL DISCLOSURE needs to be completed with BOTH the MAIN LIFE and the PREMIUM PAYER (FAIS Requirement)

Debit Order Authorization:

Mr/Mrs/Ms –A–first_name–B–, do you confirm that you give AVBOB permission to deduct your monthly premium of R______ from your bank account?

Your first premium will be deducted on__________ (Make sure the date is correct), or at the latest on ________ (Date of the following month, in case there are queries on the policy resulting in late submission)

The inception date of your policy will be the first day of the month following your first successful deduction. Please be aware that the deduction date of the policy may differ due to the fact that AVBOB is making use of a NAEDO system for premium payments. The reason they use the NAEDO system is so that your premium will deduct as close as possible to your salary payment so that no premiums will be missed

This agreement will be followed for premium deductions unless canceled in writing

Read ONLY if Children’s / KV Benefit applies:

Your child/children will be covered under the (KV5 / KV6 / KV7) benefit.

In the event of the death of a minor child, older than 21, but younger than 25, proof will be required that the child was still a full-time student at the time of death.

Also, please note that the free funeral benefits will only be paid once, even if the insured person was covered under more than one policy with AVBOB.

General Agreement

Mr/Mrs/Ms –A–first_name–B–, I have to read this next section word for word, please stop me if you have any questions. AVBOB is an authorized Registered Financial Services Provider, with FSP Number 20656

Please be aware that inSHoor has active Professional Liability Insurance.

We receive an industry-standard commission in line with South African legislation, the commission is paid by AVBOB and without any additional costs to you the client.

In the event that premiums were not received, the policy may lapse, which will mean that there will be no further cover. We will do our best to always follow up on any missed payments. It’s important to note that your policy will not start unless a first premium is received by AVBOB. Please make sure you have sufficient funds in your bank account on the chosen debit date. Please take note, that should your policy lapse due to non-payment, premiums will NOT be refundable.

Should death occur, please contact or visit your nearest AVBOB branch or phone 0861 28 26 21

Should you choose NOT to utilize AVBOB’S Funeral Services to arrange the funeral, you will forfeit all free AVBOB funeral benefits. AVBOB will always strive to pay your claim within 48 hours after the receipt of all required documentation.

Please remember that it remains your responsibility to notify us, or AVBOB should any details regarding your policy change, since any incorrect or misleading information may affect the validity of a claim.

AVBOB has the right to change and revise premiums and terms and conditions of this agreement, of which you will be notified in writing.

  • A waiting period of six months is applicable on death due to natural causes, like a heart attack. This is in respect of all insured people; from the issue date of the policy, or the remainder of the original waiting period (if any) when the policy is reinstated. There will be no waiting period on death due to unnatural causes like a car accident or drowning; excluding suicide, provided the first premium was paid and the policy has started. The suicide waiting period under this policy is six months.
  • The date we accept your application and start to communicate with you by way of SMS/ e-mail is known as the policy issue date.
  • Cover for all the insured persons (including you) in terms of the policy, starts on the first day of the month in which we expect to receive the first premium for this policy. This is known as the policy start date.

    Please read your policy documents carefully and keep them in a safe place. We will send your policy documents to you within the next 30 days. You can also request documents via email. One of our service agents will be in touch via Whatsapp to assist in this regard.

  • AVBOB offers a 31-day cooling-off period which starts on the date you receive the policy summary, during which you have the right to amend or cancel this policy at no cost to yourself. Should you cancel the policy AFTER the cooling-off period of 31 days, you will forfeit all premiums paid. Should you want to use your right to the cooling-off period, please contact our Call Centre on 0861 28262 1.

Necessary Contact Details:

Should you not be happy with any aspect of your service, or your policy itself, you are welcome to contact InShoor’s Complaint’s Department at 012 663 4932 – this is also inSHoor’s Office Number, should you have any other queries.

For any serious complaints regarding your policy, you have the right to contact the Long Term- and FAIS Ombudsman. Do you want me to provide you with their contact details now, or do you want to wait for your contract? 086 010 3236 / 012 470 9080

•    As a policyholder, you will be entitled to any unclaimed benefits that may be due to you:
–    Do you confirm that you assume responsibility to inform AVBOB of any changes in respect of contact information of yourself or the beneficiary?  YES/NO
–    Do you confirm that all the tracing-related costs will be borne out of the unclaimed asset as a result of this policy? YES/NO

Legislation Questions:

In terms of legislation, I also need to ask you a few quick yes / no questions:

  1. Do you confirm that the product offered is suitable to your needs and that the premium of R xxxx payable is affordable to you? YES/NO – Kindly ensure that the policy benefits are adequate and you have an obligation to ensure that you keep them updated as and when changes occur.
  2. You herewith confirm that you are permitted in Law to enter into this contract with AVBOB, and where required you have obtained the necessary consent? YES/NO
  3. Are you a domestic prominent influential person (DPIP), family member or known close associate of a DPIP – If you have answered “Yes” above, please list your source of wealth and source of funds.
  4. Do you consent to the processing of your personal information and those of your beneficiaries and insured persons? We rely on you to ensure that if they are not happy for us to process their personal information for the purposes of the policy, you must let us know. YES/NO
  5. Do you consent to the processing of your personal information for the purpose of servicing and maintaining your policy, including the processing of your personal information by a third party appointed on our behalf? YES/NO
  6. Do you consent to the processing of your personal information for the purpose of AVBOB Funeral Service Limited rendering services and for the purpose of communicating with you regarding our financial products? YES/NO
  7. You herewith confirm that the information that you have provided is true and correct? YES/NO Kindly note failure to provide us with the correct information may have a negative impact on your claim at the claim stage.
  8. I confirm that your first premium will be deducted on ______ (day and month) and your policy start date will be ______ (date).
  9. AVBOB will increase the insured amount(s) and premium(s) on the policy (as well as the policy fee) on the policy anniversary every year. This date will be shown on the policy schedule. The premium(s) will not increase by more than 10% per year and the insured amount(s) will increase by an amount equal to two-thirds of the premium percentage increase. This yearly increase will take place every year, as long as the policy is in place and all premiums are paid.
  10.  AVBOB has the right to review premiums and Update Terms and Conditions at any time to ensure that the plan remains viable, however, you will be advised of any changes in writing”.

Replacement Policy:

Have you, in the past 4 months canceled any policies, or are you planning on canceling any policies in order to incept this one?

If “Yes” kindly read the full statement below:

  • Should this be a replacement policy, we want to make sure that you make an informed decision:
  • Are you aware that a replacement of any product may have an adverse effect, since certain fees may be deducted more than once – firstly for your current product, and secondly for your new product?
  • There is a possibility that you may pay more for your new policy than for the existing policy
  • The new product may have more exclusions or restrictions

Policy Documents and Commencement

Lastly, in order for your policy to be issued, one of our friendly Quality Control Ladies will contact you to confirm the details I captured today. The reason for this step is to make sure we submit without any mistakes. Without this 2 minute call, your policy cannot be submitted to AVBOB. When will be the best time to try and confirm your policy details?

Your policy number will be sent to you via Whatsapp & SMS as soon as your policy is issued, this SMS will also serve as proof of your active policy until you receive your policy documents.

Your policy documents will be sent to you via post, but should you not receive it, you are welcome to contact InSHoor’s Client Service, or to simply register at where you will be able to download and view your documents instantly.

Final Words:

Are there any questions or concerns I can address before I go? – Thank you very much.

If you feel I deserve it, I would really appreciate it if you could please be so kind to rate my service by going to Facebook and searching for InShoor. Alternatively, just click on my signature in my email, it will take you to the reviews page.

Finally, Mr/Mrs/Ms –A–first_name–B–, remember, I am here to help, if you perhaps have ANY friends or family you think will also benefit from this policy, PLEASE be so kind as to give them my phone number. They can simply send me a Whatsapp and I will phone them right back. – Give your Whatsapp number.

Thank you for your time, congratulations on your new AVBOB policy, should you need anything please contact me on 012 663 4932, or just send me an email.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

NOTE: Make sure that you confirm the client’s full name and surname before continuing to the rest of the disclosure











NOTE: Wait for a clear “YES”, and make sure that the premium provided is 100% correct to the cent

Example: If the agreed deduction date is 20th Sept., the sentence will read: The First premium will be deducted on 20 Sept. but at the latest on 20th Oct)

If the client takes out more than one policy remind them that there will be more than one policy with thus there will be multiple debit orders.















































NOTE: Make sure that you confirmed the net salary and that the premium you quoted does not exceed 15% of his/her salary and that the salary captured on Polar is the correct NETT salary.






What does a domestic prominent influential person mean?

A domestic prominent influential person (DPIP) is an individual who holds, (including in an acting position) for a period exceeding six months, or has held. at any time in the preceding 12 months in South Africa, a prominent public. function as listed in Schedule 3A of the FIC Act. 1.3